if I can tell you something about me
a B is failing
must be excellent in everything
must wear that plastic smile on my lips

a heavy body and heavier eyes
stooping toward no man’s land
oh God, I can’t carry this burden no more
gotta lay it down

those layers of inadequacy, those layers of shame
I ain’t no ninja
I can’t swoop my sword to fight evil
or save anybody

my lips can’t bumble no fancy words
my hands can’t write no fancy speech
my brain is slow and sad
I ain’t the girl that you see
Lord, give me some mercy

you see, I got no strength by myself
barely hanging on
but Jesus took some mercy on me when I was low
He said, “child, you are so worth it
you are worth my everything”

So today, I’ll say
“Gracious Father, let me give you my everything,
the shame, the messy mistakes,
the dreams, and the lonely loves,
take me – all of me, do what you will,
use me to do some good:
because you first loved me”




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