I am a current senior at University of Virginia. I am a lover of eloquent writing and classical piano (though I have never played piano), long walks in the fall and singing. I am a student, a friend, a daughter; a thinker, a writer, a programmer of sorts (still figuring that one out), a cook, and a creative being.

However – as wonderful as those superfluous descriptions are — they do not fully encompass the core of my being: my identity in Christ. 

No words can adequately render my gratitude to Jesus – the one who has shattered my old ways and forged a new being. No words can adequately describe the utter transformation of my heart and my mind and my soul. I now live my life to follow Jesus and to build His Kingdom.

One of my biggest goals is intellectual. To re-order, to re-interpret everything in my life under a Biblical lens, to think deeply and clearly about thorny theological questions, to read about God and be inspired by the sovereignty of His reign.

As I learn more about God, I also hope that my character will be transformed, as it is already transforming. I pray that God will humble me as I learn. This year, I am praying for increasing boldness, humility, and steadfast love (hesed).


Thank you for stopping by:)


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